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Growing with Garsons

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Chloe and Nigel enjoy catching up at Garsons Esher

So, as you know, I was at Garsons (Esher) on Friday for a good old-fashioned feed-up. And what a day it was! It comprised two of my favourite things ; great people and greater food. It is often said that while some people ‘eat to live’ there are others who ‘live to eat’. After many failed attempts at dieting, I have embraced the fact that I fall into the latter! This is partly why I love Garsons Farm Shop so much – not only is it one of thee most prestigious of places, they also have a way of stocking the who’s who of the premium food world and their visual merchandising is no less than art.

It was a delight to see many a crisp conversion, as I got to passionately relay why I believe in Brown Bag Crisps – being the one and only crisps brand in the UK to be cooked in olive oil has got to stand for something, right? And it does, as many discerning customers experienced the truth of what I was talking about and took away their very first Brown Bag!

The ethos is simple – delicious potato crisps made using natural ingredients. And I got to chat an ole Garsons fave, Mr Nigel Chandler, who attentively looked after me at my first food fair – and he invited me back! Look out for more events at Garsons into 2013, after all a friendship founded on food is one sure to be shared for a long time yet. Thanks Nigel and team for graciously supporting us and being as passionate about people and food as we are!


Brilliant review from Crisp Nation

Posted by Viv on

We recently had the pleasure of meeting crisps connoisseur Josh, from Crisp Nation (seriously, the guy loves crisps as much as we do!)

Crisp Nation is a site about, well, errrr…..crisps! Josh loves crisps so much that he created a website which details the brands available in the UK and abroad and contains very honest reviews about the many varieties that Josh has tried.

We are delighted that Brown Bag Crisps are featured on Crisp Nation and you can find Josh’s full review here:

Grab us at Garsons

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Here at Brown Bag Crisps, we are going from outlet to outlet, like little elves presenting our award-winning crisps to the public. We want to let you know, that we are here for you this party season, where working hard and partying even harder are inevitable. This coming Friday you will find us as Garsons Farm shop in Esher . We are very proud of our friends at Garsons who set the standards for premium food and premium customer service very high indeed! So, if you are struggling to find Christmas cheer this year, they certainly are not lacking any and we are delighted to be standing side by side, having a jolly good old-fashioned feed up!

We will be putting on a spread of our award-winning crisps that will be on a promotional offer for ONE day only. Also our new member of the family will be thrown into the mix wearing the signature crisp dress – do say hello, she doesn’t bite (apart from into our delicious crisps!) So whatever you are doing this season, whether you find yourself wrapping up warm to wrapping presents, don’t forget to take a break and what better way to share the joy, with a Big Bag of Brown Crisps, giving yourself more of us to love you.Find your way to us at Garsons at

Potatoes on the grapevine?

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Michael McAuley and Chloe-Lauren Smith

Brown Bags showed their Krafty paper faces at Laithwaites Bracknell at the end of last month and it was a real treat to do so. In fact, we had so much fun, we thought we would let you know how the spud it went. The day comprised  award-winning Brown Bag Crisps team up with wines expertly chosen by Laithwaites’ master of ceremonies Michael McAuley, dips from our friends The Dip Society,, and a dress worn and made out of our empty packets.

It was an eclectic mix to say the least and the menu read a little something like this:


Appetisers and aperitifs

  1. Brown Bag Salt and Vinegar Crisps, with a mackerel and dill leaf dip, accented with a French Sauvignon Blanc Bordo 2011, a crisp and elegant still white. Perfect for this zingy fish dish.


  1. Brown Bag Salt and Black Pepper crisps, showcased by a ‘sweet beat’ dip colliding the sweet and cool worlds of beetroot and mint on your taste buds. Nurtured by the earthiness of a Pagos De Tahola oak aged 2010 Spanish temprillano red.


  1. Brown Bag Manchego Cheddar and Onion crisps, fired up a gear with the wasabi and pea ‘Wasapea’ dip blooming with the floral beauty of the Alma Aldina Torarotes a 2011 Argentinean asset.


  1. Brown Bag Oak Smoked Chilli crisps starring alongside the ‘Kick pea’ chilli and chick pea dip, serenaded by the Pillastro Selezione D’oro 2009 – a still red from Italy.


It went down a storm with discerning customers from all over coming to see us, and the Laithwaites’ locals loved getting drawn into crispiness. Charming crisps, wonderful wines and delicious dips – what a perfect pairing for the party season.

In this busy joyous season, will you dare to share?