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Cotswold Flare!

Posted by Viv on

It’s official! Brown Bag Crisps are now available through Cotswold Fayre, the wholesale gourmet food supplier for fine food retailers, farm shops and delicatessens and more. Cotswold Fayre represent more than 150 brands and stocks 2,000 products, with a team of 40 dedicated to the excellence of product and service in the independent market. We are proud to be alongside some of the premium food market’s most reputable brands.

If you are looking for a ‘one shop stop’ and find that time is running away with you, why not go to Cotswold Fayre and get all your needs met at once? Sounds overwhelming? It is overwhelmingly good and easily accessible, with a huge range of delicious produce.

Check out the online catalogue for a great selection of goods and promotional discounts and, errrr, us on page 107! How do we look? Did they catch our best side?

Go to for more information.