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Brown Bag Crisps have just got even better!

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Brown Bag Crisps’ stylish new look

Following the launch of our British potato crisps in 2010, Brown Bag Crisps’ award-winning seasonings and stylish bags – not to mention their ever-increasing popularity among people who care about good food – have seen them stocked in fine food outlets such as Harrods, Royal Windsor Farm Shop, Peyton & Byrne’s restaurants and cafes, Daylesford Organic, Rick Stein’s cafes and COOK stores.

These delicious crisps, now cooked in sunflower oil, have been given a stylish new look and are available in more flavours and in different sizes. This tasty range of crisps are now sold in small (40g) and sharing (150g) bags and are flavoured with the following seasonings: Lightly Salted; Oak Smoked Chilli; West Country Farmhouse Cheddar and Onion; Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar; Smoked Bacon.

Brown Bag Crisps are brought to you from Phil and Viv Lambe from their small family-run company in Surrey. Phil loves crisps so much that he set out to make the tastiest crisps possible, made using the best natural British seasonings. Brown Bag Crisps have taken many sleepless nights to perfect. It all started in the couple’s family kitchen, where Phil could be found until the small hours cooking and seasoning potato crisps until he found the perfect recipes.

They have now moved to a far more suitable setting but the Brown Bag ethos remains the same – to produce delicious hand cooked potato crisps where the taste and crunch are never compromised.

Phil, managing director, said: “We are so proud of Brown Bag Crisps and the fact they have such a great following from so many food lovers really is a dream come true. We are delighted with the new-look packaging and feel the British potatoes in combination with our carefully-made seasonings and sunflower oil make for fabulous potato crisps.

The new branding has been really well received and we are extremely excited to continue to see our crisps being sold by our many loyal retailers, in the wonderful outlets listed above and by the new customers we are yet to meet.”

For more information please call Phil on 01932 569359 or email