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We have a new member of the family!

Posted by Viv on

veg-crispsWe are proud to announce the arrival of our amazing Veggie Crisps!

These delicious veggie crisps have less fat than other UK brands and the secret method of cooking them ensures the wholesome slices of beetroot, carrot and parsnip keep their size, shape and colour. A healthier snack with bags of natural flavour!

Not only are our new veggie crisps as delicious as their potato cousins, but they’re the healthiest vegetable crisp available in the UK.

Other vegetable crisps have almost 50% more calories and fat and 40% more salt than our delicious veggie crisps.

Like any proud parent, it’s hard not to boast, but we really think our veggie crisps are worth a try.

To request samples or to add veggie crisps to your next Brown Bag order, please email or call 01932 569359.