A Royal welcome

Posted by Viv on

We are delighted to announce our new-found friendship with Peyton and Byrne at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew.

As of today (Tuesday April 23), you will be able to spot Brown Bag Crisps on the shelves across the ‘Food At Kew’ outlets in Kew Gardens. We can be found in The Orangery, White Peaks Café, The Pavilion and Victoria Gate Café. What a treat for us indeed to be in such a diverse and dynamic environment.

Kew Gardens hosts a range of events from Kew Live music in July where you can see the likes of Paul Weller, Leona Lewis and Jools Holland, to weddings, tree-top walks, tropically-heated glasshouses and more than 40 iconic buildings. It really is an all-encompassing day out and we will be right there with you.

Find out more about Kew at http://www.kew.org