Speciality and Fine Food Fair 2015

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We are all very excited about this year’s Speciality and Fine Food Fair at Olympia from Sunday September 6th to Tuesday September 8th. Do come and see us on stand 1752. We have a new flavour for you try, Tiger Prawn with a Hint of Chilli and Lime, a fantastic flavour and of course another first. As ever, unique and delicious!

Proud to be in John Lewis Christmas hampers!

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Cosy Christmas HamperCUT1

Now it is October, we feel it is *just about* ok to talk about Christmas (sorry to those who disagree, but please be consoled that we won’t be doing any shopping until Christmas Eve!)

Here at Brown Bag Crisps, we are super excited to announce our crisps are to be featured in this year’s collection of John Lewis Christmas hampers. Our award-winning Oak-Smoked Chilli crisps, Cheddar and Onion crisps and Lightly Salted crisps have been selected alongside a beautiful range of treats and are available through the links below:





Speciality and Fine Food Fair 2014 – Olympia

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We are all very excited about this year’s Speciality and Fine Food Fair at Olympia from Sunday September 7th to Tuesday September 9th. Do come and see us on stand 251. We have three new flavours for you try, the most popular (or perhaps even the two most popular) will be added to our delicious range of award-winning crisps.

See you there!



Looking forward to Speciality and Fine Food Fair

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We are hugely excited to be at the 2013 Speciality and Fine Food Fair from tomorrow (Sunday September 8 to Tuesday September 10) and can’t wait to catch up with our many loyal customers who will be visiting, and meeting many more.

The show is the definitive event for showcasing artisan food and drink to high quality trade buyers. Among the thousands of visitors will be representatives from delis, farm shops, independent retailers, restaurants, hotels, caterers and wholesalers who are all looking to source fine food.

We will be at stand 232 and very much hope you’ll come and say hello. For more information, go to http://www.specialityandfinefoodfairs.co.uk

More Great Taste Awards for Brown Bag Crisps

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We are delighted to announce that for the fourth year running, we’ve won Great Taste Awards for our fabulous crisps. This year, it’s the new Smoked Bacon crisps that have stolen the limelight having been described by the Great Taste Award judges as “A vibrant coloured potato crisp with a crunchy texture and delicious smoky bacon flavour”. We also won a Great Taste Award for our Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar crisps, which the judges have loved since we launched in 2010.

Great Taste, organised by the Guild of Fine Food, is the acknowledged benchmark for speciality food and drink. It has been described as the ‘Oscars’ of the food world and the ‘epicurean equivalent of the Booker prize’. Quite simply, the Great Taste logo is the sign you can trust when buying food and drink in your local, quality retailer.

We are really proud to have won six Great Taste Awards since we started Brown Bag Crisps. We are still very much a small, family-run company run by Phil and Viv, who love crisps so much they started to make their own. The popularity of our delicious crisps has grown and grown and we are now sold in hundreds of outlets up and down the country, including Harrods, Royal Windsor Farm Shop, Rick Stein’s outlets in Padstow, COOK stores nationwide and Daylesford Organic.


Brown Bag Crisps have just got even better!

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Brown Bag Crisps’ stylish new look

Following the launch of our British potato crisps in 2010, Brown Bag Crisps’ award-winning seasonings and stylish bags – not to mention their ever-increasing popularity among people who care about good food – have seen them stocked in fine food outlets such as Harrods, Royal Windsor Farm Shop, Peyton & Byrne’s restaurants and cafes, Daylesford Organic, Rick Stein’s cafes and COOK stores.

These delicious crisps, now cooked in sunflower oil, have been given a stylish new look and are available in more flavours and in different sizes. This tasty range of crisps are now sold in small (40g) and sharing (150g) bags and are flavoured with the following seasonings: Lightly Salted; Oak Smoked Chilli; West Country Farmhouse Cheddar and Onion; Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar; Smoked Bacon.

Brown Bag Crisps are brought to you from Phil and Viv Lambe from their small family-run company in Surrey. Phil loves crisps so much that he set out to make the tastiest crisps possible, made using the best natural British seasonings. Brown Bag Crisps have taken many sleepless nights to perfect. It all started in the couple’s family kitchen, where Phil could be found until the small hours cooking and seasoning potato crisps until he found the perfect recipes.

They have now moved to a far more suitable setting but the Brown Bag ethos remains the same – to produce delicious hand cooked potato crisps where the taste and crunch are never compromised.

Phil, managing director, said: “We are so proud of Brown Bag Crisps and the fact they have such a great following from so many food lovers really is a dream come true. We are delighted with the new-look packaging and feel the British potatoes in combination with our carefully-made seasonings and sunflower oil make for fabulous potato crisps.

The new branding has been really well received and we are extremely excited to continue to see our crisps being sold by our many loyal retailers, in the wonderful outlets listed above and by the new customers we are yet to meet.”

For more information please call Phil on 01932 569359 or email philandviv@brownbagcrisps.co.uk


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We at Brown Bag Crisps, love a charitable arm as much as the next person! After all, we do live in the United Kingdom, which kind of suggests we are good at this stuff. We love Londoners for many reasons but one of our top reasons is their ability to start a social word-of mouth movement. Actions really do speak louder than words, and this is the most recent way of helping others in need and we encourage you to do it. We at Brown Bag Crisps are going to try it!

It’s called a ‘suspended coffee’. For those of you who don’t know what that is, let me divulge. It’s when you pop into your local coffee shop and order your coffee and a ‘suspended coffee’. You pay for both, but only leave with yours. Then later on, a homeless person will go into the same coffee shop and ask if there are any suspended coffees available, at which point your paid-for coffee gets handed over! This is a fabulous idea! It’s spreading like wildfire among the homeless and people are advancing from suspended coffees to sandwiches and meals! We may start with some suspended crisps. We love the idea of the this social secret and decided to share so you could become part of the secret too. Join us in getting suspended!


Chloe-Lauren Smith

A Royal welcome

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We are delighted to announce our new-found friendship with Peyton and Byrne at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew.

As of today (Tuesday April 23), you will be able to spot Brown Bag Crisps on the shelves across the ‘Food At Kew’ outlets in Kew Gardens. We can be found in The Orangery, White Peaks Café, The Pavilion and Victoria Gate Café. What a treat for us indeed to be in such a diverse and dynamic environment.

Kew Gardens hosts a range of events from Kew Live music in July where you can see the likes of Paul Weller, Leona Lewis and Jools Holland, to weddings, tree-top walks, tropically-heated glasshouses and more than 40 iconic buildings. It really is an all-encompassing day out and we will be right there with you.

Find out more about Kew at http://www.kew.org

Happy St George’s Day

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It’s upon us already- and what a gorgeous day for it! Happy St George’s Day everyone – definitely time for some impromptu frolics with friends and family, we think.

Here at Brown Bag Crisps we are working to a tight schedule and the closest we are getting to enjoy this sunshine is with some sunny tracks playing and the windows wide open, in the office! But we are not complaining  because our crisps family is growing and we are busy sending out orders to yet more exciting outlets. Watch this space for more news on that later today.

But, back to St George, our patron saint.  Today is a time to celebrate the many great feats of being English. Tell us some of your favourite things about the small but mighty country in which we live. We’re starting the list on Twitter and Facebook, come over and chat with us @brownbagcrisps

Keeping up with the Bradshaws

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The Bradshaw family are grabbing the headline news with their one year challenge. They have given themselves the task of trying to live off of purely BRITISH manufactured goods to see how much is still manufactured in the UK. Something that started off as quite a struggle has won the hearts of the nation. They have been supported by fellow Brits with tips and tricks and supplier info, which have lead to a widening of resources for them in all areas of their challenge. The vast social media interest has made the Bradshaws the family of 21st century following.
As a small independent and British food manufacturer ourselves we feel it’s only right that we should be supporting the Bradshaws too! Will you join us in supporting the UK manufacturing trade by giving trade to your local independents? I love just how much local support they are getting from all over, it just warms the cockles of my heart. One thing that is a tad sad for their son Lucan who is three is their aren’t many, British toy manufacturers around, so to any budding entrepreneur out there we have just found your latest enterprise! Let us know your thoughts tweet us @ #longliveindependents